My Kakistocratical Mind

Holly Bernice McLoughlin
Union Grove, Alabama



Four years ago this week, a young man saved his sister from a would-be rapist who had broken into her bedroom. The news story became the “Bed Intruder Song.” Quite a lot of money was made. (There’s even a tribute album.)  Somewhere, that rapist walks the street feeling cheated out of his share of the money and living with his secret. He can never tell a soul.

My dog and her buddy having a play-fight earlier today.  She is going to miss her buddies.  Luckily, New England is the most dog-friendly part of the country, so she will have ample opportunities to make new dog friends.  

Programming Note

I’m seeing all my friends as often as possible before I move, which means my schedule is insane.  If I owe you a return email or return Tumblr message, thank you in advance for your patience.  Also, we all know how insane the app is and I’ll be on the iPhone app much more than usual during the moving chaos, so thank you in advance for your understanding of autocorrect weirdness and message-gobbling.  :)



Fall by NightFox9 - TouTouke on Flickr.


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Basically what I thought happened in this scene


In the Still of the Night by  Jessica Hendelman