My Kakistocratical Mind

Holly Bernice McLoughlin
Post Mills, Vermont


Autumn might be when the leaves fall and natural landscape begins to die, but it is when I myself am most alive. 

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moon | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


moon | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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Thank you Doge for my Kong toy filled wif hot dogs and my nice people mommy who wuvs me sooooo much.

Who owns Trek series on DVD?


I recently moved to the middle of nowhere in the wilderness of Vermont. I love it here more than I have words for, but there’s one big problem — I only have access to satellite internet with a limited data plan. That means no streaming video. Netflix streams all the Trek series now, so if you have…

Autumn is on the way to Vermont….

It gets down to 45 tonight.  My brain feels the chill and thinks it’s already October.  My heart’s happy October fountain is bubbling away.  Life is so good.  This is pure joy.